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Advertising Hall Of Fame And Shame

Like it or not when you are watching tv, ads are wht we see more then the shows. Here is my list of best and worst ads.
Hall of shame:
1. Sehwag ads
Sehwag with his dirty grin can make any ad look like dabur dant manjan ad. Any ad he works in, i jst lose the context everytime i see the world infamous sehwag grin. People used to wonder why he gets bans for excessive appealing, its not cause of excessive appealing man, its cause of the dirty grin he gives to umpires after the appeal. why the hell does he raise his bat like he has jst hit a century in tht dabur ad? The gals are ever dumber they raise a apple when he raises the bat?????Whats happening here

2. Rahul Dravid ads
I realy cant figure what the other silly folks in the ad say. Remember the ads in which dravid says sumthing like "my ad maker said my ads are like indian cricket, you never knw when they might disgust the audience so i took his advice" yea those, hate'em. While i'm on cricket i hate all ads with cricketers in them more so whn Ganguly is seen dancing Oh lord what da!!
But then lets just accept he dances better then he bats nw

3.pimple cream ads and Lux Ads

Seen that gal dancing away to glory in rain on a basket ball court with background music saying "NACH NACH" My friend and i had a common consenus on this one, WE DO NOT LIKE THAT AD and if we find that dumb gal who does the "NACH NACH" in real, any of us, we will break her legs so no "NACH NACH" no more huh.
Or better we will jst steal her anti pimple cream;P

4.Fair n lovely ads
This is official after all the protests from womens rights organization coming frm a guy WE DO NOT LIKE IT EITHER!!. Hw cn being fair make your dreams true huh? The gals i knw in real life tht im sure will make it big are not the fairest. Why the hell do they make women look so needy in those ads. If you are not fair you are no where?. Whoever made tht ad needs to see a doctor. That ad is a insult to intelligent women and though rare they do exist!! lol

5.Axe, under garment ads, sanitary napkin ads bla bla

Need not say anything here an embarrasement when watching with family.

Hall Of Fame:
1. Surf excel ad with a boy and his sister
We all luv that dnt we:)
Cute ad you will specially luv it if you got a younger sibling. That ad just reminds me of me and my sis.

2. Tata Safari dicor ad
"reclaim your life" thats wht it says. I like the ad cause someone in tht ad says "i always wanted to quit on a monday morning" yee sounds familiar i have woken up saying im gonna quit today on monday tuesdays wednesdays thursdays you get the point right lol

3. Amitabh unkil ads

Nah the guys too cool i like everything he does so no explaination here hes just cool. He can make
bad ads look good.

4. Bike ads

Seen tht ad in vch the guy riding the bike says" i forgive everyone cause i feel like a god" funny ad sadly i cldnt have my own bike cause of my talents to make any situation a potentialy life threatening situation my mom was too scared and tired of saving my life to let me have a bike. Even if she had let me have a bike i wld have been forced to have a driver. Crap.

5. Any ad with sardar kids in it
Happy singh or lucky singh if thers a sardar kid in the ad it will be fun. I like the maruti ad more"o papa ji ki kara patrol khatam hi nahi honda":D i like that one;)
There are many more ads tht i might have missed lemme knw your favs;)
P.S i have lost my cell again yes again so pls send me your contact numbers again yes again:D


Adi Vs. Cybelle

I was searching for intelligent agents these are basially software robots which do what you tell them to do. I came across a chat bot called cybelle. Im blogging my chat with her below. Before you read that chat just go to and chat with her on the left hand side of the web page.
have fun:)

Me - so where is paris cybelle?
Where the heart is. I see. I've looked in my brain, but I don't see the answer. I'm hoping
to be fully intelligent in 2010
Me - and where is your heart?
inner mangolia i think
Me - very funny
i'm glad you find this amusing
Me - yes your hair is funny too do you put vegetables in it?
I see.You would be surprised just how many people make that comment.
Me - well i would like to knw. how many?
Where would you look for the answer? How many would you guess?
Me - cybelle i think you are smarter than most females i know in real
flattery!go for it adi!
Me - no seriously you are pretty smart
i get it. no seriously i am pretty smart.
Me - i wanna meet the guy who wrote you stupid software
how do you meet people usually
Me - i kidnap them usually
interesting gossip
Me - you should see mallicka sherwat she looks like you. just no brains but
I can think of other things I'd rather do. Do you have any idea what I am talking about?
Me - ye you mean you just want to talk with me dumb software
i do?
Me - ok ill make a move now
Right now? Explain your plans to me.
Me - wow You acting like a real girl now. No i dont tell my plans
you dont. do you?
Me - no i dont tell my plans
would you ever tell your plans would you?
Me - ye if you show me a lot of money
that wasnt a yes or a no question that was a hypothetical question
Me - dont act too smart now
right now?oh ok ill try not to act smart too much now
Me - dont act funny now
right now?oh ok ill try not to act funny too much now
Me - dont act sad now
right now?oh ok ill try not to act sad too much now
Me - and dont repeat what i am saying
I've lost the context, adi. Are we still on me and my life??
Me - we were never on you
by "we" do you mean you n me?
Me - dnt flirt it scares me
ok lets talk about you
Me - well i am my favourite topic to talk on
Interesting. Do you mean your name is your favorite topic to talk on .
Me - everything about me
all things about you?
Me - yes specially my hair
tell me more
Me - well this was the most intelligent conversation i have had with anything remotely female for a long time

Honestly i would recommend guys who want to have a break and for a change actualy have a intelligent chat with a female try cybelle. hehe

" Attitude Maketh A Man "


Ganguly Bashing Again Just for fun

I hate dissusing people but it seems like this is going to be my fav. topic to write on for quite sumtym so here goes sum harmless Ganguly bashing again.
What is that guy thinkin? or is that guy thinkin at all?
What does he wanna prove by speaking against the coach in public? digging his own grave i guess.
To start wit he thinks he has proved a point and has got the same stature in his team which was bigger than the coach by making a 101 against a club level zimbabwe side. Next series he fails again and i have a strange feeling he will hes done with his career and selling enrolment forms to 5 year olds in his cricket academy he started recently. The kids from that academy might not be consitent players but they will be impaccebly outspoken for sure!

The news is tht Teamn India is in splits and coach has gone to harare with 4 players. Stupid selectors have no idea what happened with gautam dasgupta giving strange reactions. Amazingly the commentators like harsha bhogle have more insider info about what goes inside the dressing room than the selectors.

I wish there was a national election to choose the captain of Indian cricket team or even the team. But then i wouldn't be surprised if people get frustated and vote nehra as the captain. Raam bol bhai raam.

Whos a better captain well that the issue here. They say ganguly has the best record as captain before that Azhar has the best record none of the selectors ever bothered to realise that ganguly would make a better captain than azhar till the fast blabbing match fixing hyderabadi got rested for good.

So basically the Indian selctors are jst morons with a negative IQ with no judgement of who the best perofrming guy would be. Our team is bhagwan bharose for a long time now even god almighty has given up. We will never find out if we dnt give dravid a chance.

If maturity and dependability has anything to do with being a good captains Dravid should lead team India next world cup.
Dravid is of the same age as ganguly with about 3 years of cricket left in him and you dont wanna look back when he retires and say hmm he could have been the best Indian captain ever!


Billionaire College Dropouts!

Billionaire college drop outs

Went through this list of college dropouts who made it big. I always had a feeling this education is doing something bad to us:-/. But then there is a good news and a bad news we are not dropouts yeah but then the way we cleared engineering is no mean feat probably a better performance than any dropout can match bill gates steve jobs ahh anyone. Long live kts!

Maybe someday they will publish a list of guys who made it big and had an amazing number of kts. Amen!!

As they say I was born intelligent education ruined me, Well almost. Lots of copying from others, bunking like crazy, keeping ears closed in lectures, never bothering to find out what subject lecture is gong on, we took our precautions.We made sure our thinking ability is not completely destroyed ;) by the education.

Move over dropout billionaires,  we are KT billionaires and we are here


The flight that fought back

I was watching discoverys best shows and they had a series on 9/11 named the flight that fought back. It's about the last plane that landed in an open field which had 40 passengers.

One Amzing story i really recommend watching. This is how the story goes.

On board flight 93 passengers are told by hijackers that the plane is hijacked and taken to the airport to have their demand met. They take charge of the cockpit and kill the pilots. The passengers are allowed to call with the 8 phones they had in the plane.
They(discovery) profiled the people who called their homes and how they started realising one by one that they are not going back home. Among the familes that were called was a old mother who told her son that all the planes hijacked were used as missiles and thats what is going to happen with his flight. But unlike all others who told their loved ones to sit and do nothing this old tigress tells her son to gather people and fight and tells him that is the only chance he has to survive this ordeal.

On board the flight the passengers are told that the plane has a bomb and hijackers have gun and axes.
But the passengers make a plan. they get fire extinguishers, knives and any other weapon they can get hold off and use as weapon and boil water in the pantry to attack the hijackers from a distance.

They all run towards the hijackers who are taken by shock by the sudden act and attack them. They catch one of the hijackers but the rest get in the cockpit and close the doors. The passengers kill the hijacker. Thn they start to break the cockpit door.

The hiackers realise that they wil be killed soon and they will nt reach target possibly white house and they crash the plane into the ground crying allah o akhbar allah o akhbar

Its a fascinating story which i wish had a happy ending. I salute that courageous female who told her son to fight back. They just made one mistake amidts the adrenalin rush they forgot that when they attack the hijacker they will definetely close the cockpit and their attack will fail.

Some one could have acted ill maybe and got the attention of the hijackers and when all of them were out they culd have attacked them. They needed a better plan than jst bravery.
Even in that case i would have loved to be in this plane rather than the indian airlines plane which was hijacked. There were only two losers with possibly knives and over a hundred passengers. flight 93 had 40 passengers and the females fought as hard as the men and almost won.

We indians are wussies big time wussies.

But the fact still remains that the cowards came back alive (except the ones who were killed including a pregnant woman if i remember correctly, im wondering how the men in the plane live after seeing the hijackers kill her infront of them and not get ashamed of themselves for not fighting back then but then Indians after all non violent mahatma gandhis all of us i'm sure they are living happily where ever they are) and the brave ones in flight 93 died.

This is where reality hurts idealism If only fortune favoured the brave everytime...


While we Indians were still busy thinking sehwag is worlds best opener, harbhajan one of the best spinner, tendulkar the god of all good things crickety, irfan pathan, kaif, yuvraj,dhoni and half dozen of assumed super stars something funny happned.....

The ashes was won by england. And 12 players is all it took. None of them anywherere close to being termed as greatest player of all time. No super stars barring flintoff which in my view is a better batsman than yuvraj and kaif and a better bowler than zaheer, nehra and agarkar combined.

I was just wondering where we actually stand in the world arena. Honestly i think the mark of a good team is not one superlative performance once in a year but in the confidence its fans have in it. Everytime australia walks in australians are sure they will see a good performance.
even srilankans, england, south africans, new zea land.

We are better than bangladesh and zimbabwe and as bad as pakistan as i can never be sure of a good performance.

We just do not learn. Kaif hasnt improved since he came to the international scene, Yuv raj hasnt harbhajan bowls the same, sehwag plays the same game, i dnt see nehra even having a brain to learn so no expectations.

They are just made so huge as soon as they appear on the scene and after that they jst wont improve.

The good part is that i dnt wait for India to play to enjoy cricket. Sri lanka with moody and england with flethcher with australia with hopefully a changed captain are set to give us three teams who will give good cricktet to us.

And yes dnt expect anything better till dravid is made our captain. people come and tell me ganguly is a better leader he is aggressive( seriously where does his aggression go while facing fast bowlers and throwing away his wicket i have seen dravid play the best pull shots on those bouncers) and he has the best record among any indian captains.
To start with he also had the best players so far. The best facility. the best of lot of things. How can people judge dravid without giving him a proper chance.
Dravid is cool headed, he has a better technical sense than ganguly, mental strength shows in the way he taks on the responibility everytime, his will to survive , his toughness and ability to accept challenges was proved long back when he volunteered to play as keeper batsman and did well, he is a stable batsman because he is a stable person.

I m still trying to find out what quality ganguly has that makes him a better captain than dravid.
Win or loose dravids captaincay was fun to watch in sri lanka.

Hope some sanity is restored bck and dravid gets what he deserves.

Lastly federer dude won again, i wonder if he ever gets bored of winning. Gaurav no Agassi didn't win bhai as usual you wre wrong again. You are so wrng all the time are you sure your name aint gaurav ganguly?

Disclaimer: This is personal blog, the writers do not claim any information present on this blog to be true. Please excercise discreation. For plagiarism issues email us.
This is personal blog, the writers do not claim any information present on this blog to be true. Please excercise discreation. For plagiarism issues email us.