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Few questions no one has answers to(and noone cares)

Since we were kids we were always told to shut up when we asked the grown ups questions they did not know answers too like when your dad would ask your mom to tell anyone who calls he is not home and you would go why

Eventually it becomes a habbit to not ask questions that no one has answers to unless you happen to be me so here goes the world blame me all you will i dare to ask yet again!

1. If earth is in solar system and solar system is in galaxy and galaxy is in universe what is the universe in?

2. If sky is blue because the oceans blue how is the ocean blue?

3. Why is the most beautiful girl in class always in the next class, bus, car, train, plane?

4. Between a girl and a guy, how is a guy always wrong?

5. If humans evolved from monkeys what did monkeys evolve from?

6. Why doesnt "tulsi" virani get old and die

7. If marriage is a holy instituion how do we graduate from it?

8. Why do guys become bald after marriage?

9. Why do women live longer than guys?

10. Why are chromosomes named x and y and not a and b?

11.Why do people constantly return to the refrigerator with hopes that something new to eat will have materialized? (heard somewhere)

12. Whenever an adult is kidnapped why isn't it called adultnapped??(heard somewhere)

13. Why do we all think we sing well?

14. Can a school teacher give a homeless child homework?(heard somewhere)

15. If god is great and great souls are humble why does he wanne be worshipped?

16. Why is Mickey Mouse bigger than his dog Pluto?(heard somewhere)

17. Why is it called a "building" when it is already built?(heard somewhere)

18. Why does the red light always go on as you reach a traffic signal

19. Why is the traffic slow everytime you have to reach somewhere in hurry?

20. Why cant you find things when you are desperate to find them?

21. Why do superheroes wear underpants outside?


Welcome to the wannabe nation

This post is about a nation obsessed with being someone else completely hating its own identity and in trying to become someone else is ending up confused. Namaste, welcome to the most wannabe nation in the world. welcome to India.

You know someone is a wannabe when

1. When you work in a call center asking Americans to pay their bills but look down upon to the domestic call center guy who tells Indians to pay the bills

2. You completely despise bidhi(Desi ciggrate) but sell your dogs food to go to a hookah bar

3. You wear short tees really short and keep pulling them down

4. You wear low waist jeans really low(or loose fit)jeans and keep pulling them up

5. Your mom goes for kittyy parties not knowing who was a kitty why did she start such sad party

6. The bouncers at the disco see you more often than the guy who made the mistake of giving you birth(bless that poor soul)

7. You adore shakira, deepika padukone, bipasha and all the dusky women but would look for a "fair girl" when wanting to get married

8. You code cause it pays well, you copy every line of code from Google and write your name in the comment section

9. You wait for your chance to get a on site project and then come home tell people it was fun and you dated American chicks smartly hiding the 16 hr work shifts and countless abuses from Americans not to forget none of the American chicks looked at you while you were there.

10. You look for a wife/husband on those online matrimony sites but match religion, caste, kundli and want traditional wife/husband

11. You sell your chaddis to get on page 3 not realizing noone reads page but yourself and other wannabes.

12. Your name just got mutilated and you feel happy about it Vishal became vishy, pooja become poo(isn't that a dogs name? a diseased dumb dog?) 

13. You call everyone a dude, everyone, your mom, your dog, cause everyone else calls your dude instead of dodo which they should call you

14. You completely agree that god doesn't exist but are seen at siddhivinayaka temple after exams doing some scintific research with folded hands

I'm not done yet, more coming...
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