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Billionaire College Dropouts!

Billionaire college drop outs

Went through this list of college dropouts who made it big. I always had a feeling this education is doing something bad to us:-/. But then there is a good news and a bad news we are not dropouts yeah but then the way we cleared engineering is no mean feat probably a better performance than any dropout can match bill gates steve jobs ahh anyone. Long live kts!

Maybe someday they will publish a list of guys who made it big and had an amazing number of kts. Amen!!

As they say I was born intelligent education ruined me, Well almost. Lots of copying from others, bunking like crazy, keeping ears closed in lectures, never bothering to find out what subject lecture is gong on, we took our precautions.We made sure our thinking ability is not completely destroyed ;) by the education.

Move over dropout billionaires,  we are KT billionaires and we are here


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Aditya said...

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