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Google Reveals How Much Percentage Of Revenue It Shares With Adsense Publishers

Google recently revealed on a blog post on its adsense blog, what percentage of revenue it shares with its adsense partners.

According to the post, Google shares 69% of all revenues generated on a publishers website. For adsense for search partners it shares 51%. Traditionally ad networks shared between 50% to upto 90% of revenues with their partners, so Google's adsense sharing arrangement seems fair.

It seems that either the cost of serving search ads is higher for Google or Google wants to keep better share of adsense for search because they are more lucrative. So far there is no information from any source as to how much revenues Google makes from adsense search ads and how much revenues it makes from content ads, however the total percentage of its revenues from partner sites is about 30% of its total revenues.

(Google original post is here

Making Internet Banking More Secure

Recently someone tried to reset my net banking password. I called the bank but they were not even aware of it.

They told me they would check but no response.

All banks really want their customers to use net banking, its convenient for them and their customers. But not really secure.

Now i thought was there a way to make me more confident of using net banking.

I wish for users who have provided a email or mobile number, they would send a mail and a sms when their is any activity related to their account online or even offline. When this happens they could let the user respond via sms or click on a link in their email, when a customer does this, the user who is trying to access their account online is banned from accessing the site for sometime.

Seems like a logical thing to do to me. And when it comes to banking its required.


Greed Plus Dumbness Equals Scam Victim

Recently someone asked me if a email they received informing them of the lottery they have won in UK was real and they should reply.

I mean till i told them its a scam they actually believed it was real.

Its strange. Each of us has heard atleast 100 times in our lives that anything that sounds too good to be true, probably is, than why do fools still fall for this.

Greed plus dumbness equals a scam victim, so be greedy or be dumb, but don't be both at the same time.

1 - 2 - 3

1 - 2 - 3 are special numbers. For some reason in every sport, the first 3 people are awarded a medal. 

Ofcourse 1 is the best place to be to get maximum attention but 3 is atleast the last place you would want to be. Noone cares about 4, so dont bother, be where you can be 1 or 2 or 3.

Noone remembers the 4th best restaurant or 4th smartest guy in class or 4th smartest employee or the 4th best search result in a search engine. No one remembers the 4th product feature or benefit or the 4th vendor quote, noone remembers the 4th guy who finished the 100% metre race or the 4th country in the olympics medal tally.

Be 1 or 2 or 3, or dont be at all.


CreepBook - When Its Time To Say "Enough"

"Privacy" - its a joke. Or it has been made into one. Every website has it though, most have i hidden or less prominent.

Try this - go to, see where the "Advertising programs" link is and where the "privacy policy" link is, can you guess which is more prominent? and hence which is more important for google?

Markeeters want us to spend more time on their website they want to know more about you, about who you know, what you ahve or dont have, what you want, what you search for, what you view.

They want to know thsi so they can use it to better target their advertising, sell you something, create a economy.

Well that not the problem, problem is when the "data mining" thing gets too personal fro comfort.

If you are facebook or orkut you would know you get strange friends suggestions, people you dont have emails of, people who are not even in your addressbook or connected to someone you know...but they do..people have faced akckward situatiosn because of this..sometimes social sometimes professional.

Here are some ways facebook gets your "personal" data:

Its searches the general web for your name, email and tries to match them with other people.

It records every search for person and if someone searches for you, it matches (unlikely)

It searches twitter/myspaces/orkuts/hi5s and data mines publcily availables friends.

or maybe even browser hijacking..(unlikely)

but whatever it is, i wish facebook learns to "Ask" before it 'obliges".

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