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Google Reveals How Much Percentage Of Revenue It Shares With Adsense Publishers

Google recently revealed on a blog post on its adsense blog, what percentage of revenue it shares with its adsense partners.

According to the post, Google shares 69% of all revenues generated on a publishers website. For adsense for search partners it shares 51%. Traditionally ad networks shared between 50% to upto 90% of revenues with their partners, so Google's adsense sharing arrangement seems fair.

It seems that either the cost of serving search ads is higher for Google or Google wants to keep better share of adsense for search because they are more lucrative. So far there is no information from any source as to how much revenues Google makes from adsense search ads and how much revenues it makes from content ads, however the total percentage of its revenues from partner sites is about 30% of its total revenues.

(Google original post is here

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