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CreepBook - When Its Time To Say "Enough"

"Privacy" - its a joke. Or it has been made into one. Every website has it though, most have i hidden or less prominent.

Try this - go to, see where the "Advertising programs" link is and where the "privacy policy" link is, can you guess which is more prominent? and hence which is more important for google?

Markeeters want us to spend more time on their website they want to know more about you, about who you know, what you ahve or dont have, what you want, what you search for, what you view.

They want to know thsi so they can use it to better target their advertising, sell you something, create a economy.

Well that not the problem, problem is when the "data mining" thing gets too personal fro comfort.

If you are facebook or orkut you would know you get strange friends suggestions, people you dont have emails of, people who are not even in your addressbook or connected to someone you know...but they do..people have faced akckward situatiosn because of this..sometimes social sometimes professional.

Here are some ways facebook gets your "personal" data:

Its searches the general web for your name, email and tries to match them with other people.

It records every search for person and if someone searches for you, it matches (unlikely)

It searches twitter/myspaces/orkuts/hi5s and data mines publcily availables friends.

or maybe even browser hijacking..(unlikely)

but whatever it is, i wish facebook learns to "Ask" before it 'obliges".

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