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Conficker Worm Removal: If You Cannot Open Anti Virus Sites & Microsoft Sites

Conficker Worm changes your host file (if you don't know what it is, don't worry or search Google) in a way that you cannot visit anti virus sites or even most software company sites like MS. It also blocks your windows update manager from updating windows and anti virus and malware prevention software like McAfee, kaspersky, AVG and AdAware from downloading updates.

It basically renders your anti virus software useless.

If you have been infected by conficker virus here is what you need to do:

Step 1: go to start>run type cmd. Hit enter. In the command line (black screen), type "net stop dnscache" without the quotes and hit enter. It should show a message that says service successfully stopped.

Step 2: Download conficker tool from here

Run this software. Thats it.

How to be sure if symantec tool was able to removal conficker?

Go back to step 1 and this type restart the dnscache service, type "net start dnscache" without the quotes and hit enter and try visiting any anti virus site like symantec. If you open these sites conficker has been removed. Your anti virus/xp software can now download updates.


Anonymous said...

very very thanks..

Shailendra said...

Thanks a lot Now i am able to open any antivirus site.

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