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The flight that fought back

I was watching discoverys best shows and they had a series on 9/11 named the flight that fought back. It's about the last plane that landed in an open field which had 40 passengers.

One Amzing story i really recommend watching. This is how the story goes.

On board flight 93 passengers are told by hijackers that the plane is hijacked and taken to the airport to have their demand met. They take charge of the cockpit and kill the pilots. The passengers are allowed to call with the 8 phones they had in the plane.
They(discovery) profiled the people who called their homes and how they started realising one by one that they are not going back home. Among the familes that were called was a old mother who told her son that all the planes hijacked were used as missiles and thats what is going to happen with his flight. But unlike all others who told their loved ones to sit and do nothing this old tigress tells her son to gather people and fight and tells him that is the only chance he has to survive this ordeal.

On board the flight the passengers are told that the plane has a bomb and hijackers have gun and axes.
But the passengers make a plan. they get fire extinguishers, knives and any other weapon they can get hold off and use as weapon and boil water in the pantry to attack the hijackers from a distance.

They all run towards the hijackers who are taken by shock by the sudden act and attack them. They catch one of the hijackers but the rest get in the cockpit and close the doors. The passengers kill the hijacker. Thn they start to break the cockpit door.

The hiackers realise that they wil be killed soon and they will nt reach target possibly white house and they crash the plane into the ground crying allah o akhbar allah o akhbar

Its a fascinating story which i wish had a happy ending. I salute that courageous female who told her son to fight back. They just made one mistake amidts the adrenalin rush they forgot that when they attack the hijacker they will definetely close the cockpit and their attack will fail.

Some one could have acted ill maybe and got the attention of the hijackers and when all of them were out they culd have attacked them. They needed a better plan than jst bravery.
Even in that case i would have loved to be in this plane rather than the indian airlines plane which was hijacked. There were only two losers with possibly knives and over a hundred passengers. flight 93 had 40 passengers and the females fought as hard as the men and almost won.

We indians are wussies big time wussies.

But the fact still remains that the cowards came back alive (except the ones who were killed including a pregnant woman if i remember correctly, im wondering how the men in the plane live after seeing the hijackers kill her infront of them and not get ashamed of themselves for not fighting back then but then Indians after all non violent mahatma gandhis all of us i'm sure they are living happily where ever they are) and the brave ones in flight 93 died.

This is where reality hurts idealism If only fortune favoured the brave everytime...

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