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While we Indians were still busy thinking sehwag is worlds best opener, harbhajan one of the best spinner, tendulkar the god of all good things crickety, irfan pathan, kaif, yuvraj,dhoni and half dozen of assumed super stars something funny happned.....

The ashes was won by england. And 12 players is all it took. None of them anywherere close to being termed as greatest player of all time. No super stars barring flintoff which in my view is a better batsman than yuvraj and kaif and a better bowler than zaheer, nehra and agarkar combined.

I was just wondering where we actually stand in the world arena. Honestly i think the mark of a good team is not one superlative performance once in a year but in the confidence its fans have in it. Everytime australia walks in australians are sure they will see a good performance.
even srilankans, england, south africans, new zea land.

We are better than bangladesh and zimbabwe and as bad as pakistan as i can never be sure of a good performance.

We just do not learn. Kaif hasnt improved since he came to the international scene, Yuv raj hasnt harbhajan bowls the same, sehwag plays the same game, i dnt see nehra even having a brain to learn so no expectations.

They are just made so huge as soon as they appear on the scene and after that they jst wont improve.

The good part is that i dnt wait for India to play to enjoy cricket. Sri lanka with moody and england with flethcher with australia with hopefully a changed captain are set to give us three teams who will give good cricktet to us.

And yes dnt expect anything better till dravid is made our captain. people come and tell me ganguly is a better leader he is aggressive( seriously where does his aggression go while facing fast bowlers and throwing away his wicket i have seen dravid play the best pull shots on those bouncers) and he has the best record among any indian captains.
To start with he also had the best players so far. The best facility. the best of lot of things. How can people judge dravid without giving him a proper chance.
Dravid is cool headed, he has a better technical sense than ganguly, mental strength shows in the way he taks on the responibility everytime, his will to survive , his toughness and ability to accept challenges was proved long back when he volunteered to play as keeper batsman and did well, he is a stable batsman because he is a stable person.

I m still trying to find out what quality ganguly has that makes him a better captain than dravid.
Win or loose dravids captaincay was fun to watch in sri lanka.

Hope some sanity is restored bck and dravid gets what he deserves.

Lastly federer dude won again, i wonder if he ever gets bored of winning. Gaurav no Agassi didn't win bhai as usual you wre wrong again. You are so wrng all the time are you sure your name aint gaurav ganguly?

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TrittEinIn said...

Well, the quality that makes Ganguly a better captain than all previous ones , i think, is becoz the confidence and the backing that he has shown in his players especially the young ones and also givin them a fair chance to develop.

Damn, Agassi dint win. But that was a splendid effort by him to reach the finals at his age.Kudos to the showman. As far as Federer, the guys an artist.Havent seen someone having such an unassumingly marvellous game.I am an Agassi fan till he retires, after that its the artist.
As far as me being wrong!!! Dude i said England wud win , didnt I???

Aditya said...

No doubt about Federer, the ease and the effortlessness truy amazing. lol, yes you did say england would win so that makes sure you are not a ganguly.

coming back to ganguly what i am really interested in knowing is why ganguly over dravid?

This is personal blog, the writers do not claim any information present on this blog to be true. Please excercise discreation. For plagiarism issues email us.