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Ganguly Bashing Again Just for fun

I hate dissusing people but it seems like this is going to be my fav. topic to write on for quite sumtym so here goes sum harmless Ganguly bashing again.
What is that guy thinkin? or is that guy thinkin at all?
What does he wanna prove by speaking against the coach in public? digging his own grave i guess.
To start wit he thinks he has proved a point and has got the same stature in his team which was bigger than the coach by making a 101 against a club level zimbabwe side. Next series he fails again and i have a strange feeling he will hes done with his career and selling enrolment forms to 5 year olds in his cricket academy he started recently. The kids from that academy might not be consitent players but they will be impaccebly outspoken for sure!

The news is tht Teamn India is in splits and coach has gone to harare with 4 players. Stupid selectors have no idea what happened with gautam dasgupta giving strange reactions. Amazingly the commentators like harsha bhogle have more insider info about what goes inside the dressing room than the selectors.

I wish there was a national election to choose the captain of Indian cricket team or even the team. But then i wouldn't be surprised if people get frustated and vote nehra as the captain. Raam bol bhai raam.

Whos a better captain well that the issue here. They say ganguly has the best record as captain before that Azhar has the best record none of the selectors ever bothered to realise that ganguly would make a better captain than azhar till the fast blabbing match fixing hyderabadi got rested for good.

So basically the Indian selctors are jst morons with a negative IQ with no judgement of who the best perofrming guy would be. Our team is bhagwan bharose for a long time now even god almighty has given up. We will never find out if we dnt give dravid a chance.

If maturity and dependability has anything to do with being a good captains Dravid should lead team India next world cup.
Dravid is of the same age as ganguly with about 3 years of cricket left in him and you dont wanna look back when he retires and say hmm he could have been the best Indian captain ever!


TrittEinIn said...

I am a Ganguly supporter for captain. Or rather was.A fantastic player, at times even better than Tendlya, when on song. But i want a captain who commands a place in the side and sadly ganguly doesnt in the present scenario.AFter his public revelation of a rift Ganguly at best has become an embarassment.He has made it easier for his outster from the team if he doesnt return to his best form. All in all , the ball is in his court now.And i hope he steps down and lofts it into oblivion like he does to spinners.

Aditya said...

I see worse times ahead its gonna get worse before it gets any better i think.
The media says either ganguly or chappel will go.
ganguy wnt retire gaurav thats for sure. Im watitng for the next match to start. Lets wait n watch wht happens:)

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