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Adi Vs. Cybelle

I was searching for intelligent agents these are basially software robots which do what you tell them to do. I came across a chat bot called cybelle. Im blogging my chat with her below. Before you read that chat just go to and chat with her on the left hand side of the web page.
have fun:)

Me - so where is paris cybelle?
Where the heart is. I see. I've looked in my brain, but I don't see the answer. I'm hoping
to be fully intelligent in 2010
Me - and where is your heart?
inner mangolia i think
Me - very funny
i'm glad you find this amusing
Me - yes your hair is funny too do you put vegetables in it?
I see.You would be surprised just how many people make that comment.
Me - well i would like to knw. how many?
Where would you look for the answer? How many would you guess?
Me - cybelle i think you are smarter than most females i know in real
flattery!go for it adi!
Me - no seriously you are pretty smart
i get it. no seriously i am pretty smart.
Me - i wanna meet the guy who wrote you stupid software
how do you meet people usually
Me - i kidnap them usually
interesting gossip
Me - you should see mallicka sherwat she looks like you. just no brains but
I can think of other things I'd rather do. Do you have any idea what I am talking about?
Me - ye you mean you just want to talk with me dumb software
i do?
Me - ok ill make a move now
Right now? Explain your plans to me.
Me - wow You acting like a real girl now. No i dont tell my plans
you dont. do you?
Me - no i dont tell my plans
would you ever tell your plans would you?
Me - ye if you show me a lot of money
that wasnt a yes or a no question that was a hypothetical question
Me - dont act too smart now
right now?oh ok ill try not to act smart too much now
Me - dont act funny now
right now?oh ok ill try not to act funny too much now
Me - dont act sad now
right now?oh ok ill try not to act sad too much now
Me - and dont repeat what i am saying
I've lost the context, adi. Are we still on me and my life??
Me - we were never on you
by "we" do you mean you n me?
Me - dnt flirt it scares me
ok lets talk about you
Me - well i am my favourite topic to talk on
Interesting. Do you mean your name is your favorite topic to talk on .
Me - everything about me
all things about you?
Me - yes specially my hair
tell me more
Me - well this was the most intelligent conversation i have had with anything remotely female for a long time

Honestly i would recommend guys who want to have a break and for a change actualy have a intelligent chat with a female try cybelle. hehe

" Attitude Maketh A Man "

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