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Advertising Hall Of Fame And Shame

Like it or not when you are watching tv, ads are wht we see more then the shows. Here is my list of best and worst ads.
Hall of shame:
1. Sehwag ads
Sehwag with his dirty grin can make any ad look like dabur dant manjan ad. Any ad he works in, i jst lose the context everytime i see the world infamous sehwag grin. People used to wonder why he gets bans for excessive appealing, its not cause of excessive appealing man, its cause of the dirty grin he gives to umpires after the appeal. why the hell does he raise his bat like he has jst hit a century in tht dabur ad? The gals are ever dumber they raise a apple when he raises the bat?????Whats happening here

2. Rahul Dravid ads
I realy cant figure what the other silly folks in the ad say. Remember the ads in which dravid says sumthing like "my ad maker said my ads are like indian cricket, you never knw when they might disgust the audience so i took his advice" yea those, hate'em. While i'm on cricket i hate all ads with cricketers in them more so whn Ganguly is seen dancing Oh lord what da!!
But then lets just accept he dances better then he bats nw

3.pimple cream ads and Lux Ads

Seen that gal dancing away to glory in rain on a basket ball court with background music saying "NACH NACH" My friend and i had a common consenus on this one, WE DO NOT LIKE THAT AD and if we find that dumb gal who does the "NACH NACH" in real, any of us, we will break her legs so no "NACH NACH" no more huh.
Or better we will jst steal her anti pimple cream;P

4.Fair n lovely ads
This is official after all the protests from womens rights organization coming frm a guy WE DO NOT LIKE IT EITHER!!. Hw cn being fair make your dreams true huh? The gals i knw in real life tht im sure will make it big are not the fairest. Why the hell do they make women look so needy in those ads. If you are not fair you are no where?. Whoever made tht ad needs to see a doctor. That ad is a insult to intelligent women and though rare they do exist!! lol

5.Axe, under garment ads, sanitary napkin ads bla bla

Need not say anything here an embarrasement when watching with family.

Hall Of Fame:
1. Surf excel ad with a boy and his sister
We all luv that dnt we:)
Cute ad you will specially luv it if you got a younger sibling. That ad just reminds me of me and my sis.

2. Tata Safari dicor ad
"reclaim your life" thats wht it says. I like the ad cause someone in tht ad says "i always wanted to quit on a monday morning" yee sounds familiar i have woken up saying im gonna quit today on monday tuesdays wednesdays thursdays you get the point right lol

3. Amitabh unkil ads

Nah the guys too cool i like everything he does so no explaination here hes just cool. He can make
bad ads look good.

4. Bike ads

Seen tht ad in vch the guy riding the bike says" i forgive everyone cause i feel like a god" funny ad sadly i cldnt have my own bike cause of my talents to make any situation a potentialy life threatening situation my mom was too scared and tired of saving my life to let me have a bike. Even if she had let me have a bike i wld have been forced to have a driver. Crap.

5. Any ad with sardar kids in it
Happy singh or lucky singh if thers a sardar kid in the ad it will be fun. I like the maruti ad more"o papa ji ki kara patrol khatam hi nahi honda":D i like that one;)
There are many more ads tht i might have missed lemme knw your favs;)
P.S i have lost my cell again yes again so pls send me your contact numbers again yes again:D

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