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When Google Gets Fucked: All Sites On The Web May Harm Your Computer

Just about 15 or so minutes(8.30 PM IST) i noticed that whatever you search for, below every search result Google shows a "This Site May Harm Your Computer" warning.

First i thought its only my pc, but then when i checked with some other people the problem was faced with pretty much everyone.

It seems Google has some internal bug, or the server that checks if a site is harmful is screwed up.
Ths funny part is this is the first time i have seen a major issue with Google. Its ok for tech savvy users who understand its just a minor problem with google and that is why its giving this warning message by error, but less tech savvy users would probably think that there is something wrong with the website they were going to visit.

Funnier still is the fact that if you click on result you are taken on a warning page which asks you to either return back to Google or copy paste the link of the website, which is eomthing not many people would do.

The effect of this would be that people will click on ads on the right side more, which amazingly does not wanr users if a advertisers site cna harm your computer. 

I wldnt be surprised if Google click through rates and their revenue jumps by 20-40% till this issue is fixed.

I am curious as to what happened.

Update: Things seem to be fixed now, I am just wondering if someone uploded the wrong file at the wrong place(overwriting shit), makes you realise at the end of the day google is a website too, they fuck up too, so much for 25,000 employees.


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