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Wednesday sends users a black mail email..

Greetings from Mail!

We'd like to thank you for having tried your cool, short email address. 

You've not logged into your account for the last three months, and as part of our "use it or lose it" policy, if you don't login to your account within the next week days, we'll need to delete your email address. 

Once we delete your email address, you will lose all data in your email account, and the address will be available for anybody else to register and start using as soon as it has been deleted.

If you like mail, and would want to continue using your account; we would request you to login to your email account now, else your account will be deleted by 5th Feb, 2009.

Sign in to Mail Now!

We've sent this message both to your account, and your alternate ID. 

Hope you will continue enjoying your Email Address,

Cheers, Mail Team

I remember Hotmail trying this arm twisting by deactivating user emails, but deleting account is something new.

The only problem with this approach is you are showing your customers "we dont care that much" 

And a customer who is registered by not using your service means, he was interested in your service at some point but found a better alternative. 

Deleting such mails sounds like axing your own foot, because if a user is signed up even if he is not using your service, you can reach out to him anytime as you better your service, this atleast gives you a hope that this user will return and start using our service.

By deleting a user account, you only blow the investment you made in getting a user to your site in the first place.

I knw it sucks when users sign up but dont use a service, but this one is a bad strategy network18.

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