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Your Loss Is My Gain: How China Can Use Terrorism To Its Advantage

China is a different sort of a country. The Chinese are a different sort of people. I mean i love jackie chan, but forget not, most of the hacking/DDoS attacks on government institutions around the world start in China, China killed its own people when they asked for democracy, China is probably the only country in the world as of now that aggressively wants to occupy more land (taiwan, tibet, many parts of India, many parts of neighbouring countries), they have repeatedly prooved they only care about their objective of becomign a super power and beign a good world citizen is not their priority (nuclear proliferation, misslie proliferaton - pakistan, north norea, espionage - stealing classfied info from usa including nuclear info).

Well the point is i came across a company thats trying to sell its self using terrorism in India.

Here is the link to this company that suggests outsourcing providers should switch to China instead because there is terrorism in India.

Some people say terrorists rule China. Not me though ;-), i disagree.

I do agree to one thing though, terrorism is a problem, a huge problem, but China is too unpredictable to be a safe investment. India has way to many advantages and although the wages are rising ad the cost advantge is being lost, we  still have decades of assets, a brand called India and millions of hugely talented people to keep us ahead of the pack.

i wldnt be surprised if blogspot will suffer a ddos attack right out of bejing after this post, China brethern, relax a bit, smile, why so serious?

On a closing note china isn't compeltely untouched by terrorism either guess they have just been lucky someone isn't adding fuel to this fire, but for how long?

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