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Why Tata Nen HottestStartups Contest Is A Complete HogWash

In case you are not familiar with this contest, its a contest for Indian startups where the winners will be selected by popular voting and ratings by expert panel.

Now here is why this event is a complete hogwash. 

1. The best startups might not be able to get popular voting at all. For example a nano technology company with a product focussed on government organization. It makes sense for consumer websites to get more, and probably thats what its intended for. The only issue is that they have not mentioned this anywhere.

2. The votes can easily be rigged. Infact i am sure most of the top 100 startups have in some way manipulated voting. The top company has got 10,000 votes. Seems unrealistic.

3. The voting charges are 3 rs. per sms like those reality shows. 

4. Some of the top 200 startups in the contest are nonsense. They have no business model, no profits, no future.

5. The experts are no good to give any one ratings. Most of the experts have not proved themselves that they can sense a good business opportunity. The expert panel is not impressive. I saw some experts give exceptional comments to a blog. I mean nothing against blogs, i just dont consider a blog a startups.

6. Some of the best companies i could find are in the bottom 100.

7. Their website is so pathetically slow, its virtually impossible to vote online. If this guys were serious they would do something about this. You will not even get confirmation emails when you register. If you do register you will not be able to login.

8. They didnt expect people would rig votes. They mention on their website that they didnt expect people to manipulate votes. These are the people who are supposed to judge business opportunities. By the time they realised votes have been rigged its already too late.

9.  Popular voting is given 50% weightage. Now that will make sure the best startups don't get nominated in the top 30.

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