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Yahoo opens itself with Yahoo open strategy

Yahoo finally gets it. Finally they understand that to stick around the internet, they need to work with the people who make it, the developers.

When i look back at yahoos history sometime its hard to believe theyw ere so close o hude opportunities and never noticed it. They had overture. They had the audience. They had the most popular IM. They had the most popular web mail. They had great people. They had money. They had advertisers. They had the technology. The had the infrastructure.

Well they still didn't get it. 

Anyways, it seems some folks at yahoo do get it now. 

They are opening up a lot to people. Though there is still a lot that can be done, if you are a US investor buy yahoo shares at the current prices. 

It might get bought over or it might get to the top again whetever happens they do seem to have some smart loyal people there that will make sure the price per share goes up sooner or later.
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