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Wake up Mr. Shiv Raj Patil, Greatest Theat To India are not naxals, its your politics of region & religion

The evidence of how out of sync with reality Mr. Shivraj Patil, the home minister of India is that he thinks the greatest threat to the integrity of India are naxlalites.

Maybe this is ignorance or just the fact that naxalites are against the bad governance and not common people.

I am not a genius, but its easy to understand the greatest threat to the integrity of a country does not come from a few people unhappy with the government but it comes from the fact that masses are divided among themselves.

We all are unhappy with the government at some level, the difference between naxalites and a common man is that a naxalite take up arms and fight these politicians and police while we don't. I guess its easy to understand why.

The greatest threat to the integrity of India comes from the politics of division, of religion and region. I realise the two biggest parties themselves are fighting over religion.

But to start with i hope the two biggest parties of this country come together and kill regional politics sooner than later because if this is not done, there will be no nation, we will just have unUnited states of India.

We need a 180 degree shift in politics.

Another example of how regional politicians are of the lowest grade is when the congress was on the verge of extinction, people like Sharad Pawar and Sagma ran to Sonia gandhi to save it, when she saved it, they wanted to be the PM, when they couldnt be the PM, they just left the party.

Thats how small these regional politicians are. They have no ethics, no principle. Yet they are the richest politicians. Wake up Indians, you have been fooled long enough.

Sardar patel, i hope you were still alive.

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