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Facebook shows some of its users the middle finger and goes ahead with redesign

I firmly believe you cannot keep everyone happy. Its essential to make some people unhappy. Its important to pick the people you are goin make unhappy really well.

Facebook faced stiff opposition from around 1 million of its 100 million users to the site redesign. Facebook has gone ahead with the prposed redesign and it seems to be working well for now. 

I like the new design. 

I'm glad facebook went ahead with redesign. Listening too much to your users can lead to a painful collapse.

So many times what users say to you is based on illogical baseless factors that its best to logically decide what you want to do with a product. So any products have failed because they asked for solution from users.

Never ask a user for solution. Ask them what their problem is. Propose a solution. If you believe its best for the kind of users you want to keep, go ahead and do it.

Sometimes you just need to show them the middle finger, because the problem with us is that e really dont know what we want most times. We just want to be heard. Paid attention to. That doesnt mean i dont wnt the redesign, i just want you to know i have a point.

Consumer is a strange animal. But its ok we love animals.
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