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Aren't There More GTD Blogs Out There Than Readers?

I have started to wonder lately if there are more getting things done blogs in the blogoverse(short for blog universe).

On last count Google blog search turned out 1,818,289 blog posts mentioning GTD, there is a whole bloody website by the name of GTDtimes that has many contributors writing on the same topic.

I mean isnt that getting a bit too much, if there was so much content to write about on this topic David Allen would have written 10 books by now. So what are these guys writing anyways?

Frankly it seemed to me they are all writing the same thing over and over and over again. I wish someone would tell them to stop. People are reading so much of this getting things done stuff, they dont get time to practise what they learn.

So what is this fad? Lifehacker hangover.

The popular blog style website that started writing about productivity online years ago and was probably the first ones to evanglise DavidAllens GTD method online has written about GTD and tools for long now.

There huge popularity has egged all other wannabes to think writing the stuff lifahacker writes about will get them popular. And then we end up with 1,818,289 blog posts and no readers. Its funny.

From what i could understand by reading Davids book is this

1. Take all incomplete tasks/ideas/actions outside your head and write them somewhere, anywhere paper or a word document or god frickin anywhere
2. Plan on how to complete each one of them by wriitng down next actions and keep completing them
3. Keep your bloody information documented so when you need them you can find them
4. Dont be a egoistic dog and delegate when you cant do something

GTD bloggers, please stop, find a new topic to blog. If you have no topics, Read more books. Write less. Fine?


Anonymous said...

Right, because what you are interested in is clearly the only topic that should be on the internet. Did you just put GTD in the subject so you'd actually get readers?

Aditya said...


Ah actually, let me see, umm.


If you had looked around this blog u would know i don't write for others, am a mean dog, i write for myself;-)

If you happen to be one of those "GTD is all what i'll write bloggers" hate me all u feel like, vent out, than go write how to feed your cat in the most productive way or maybe how to polish you toe nails and crack fingers at the same time using the latest bleeding edge project management tool online.

U get my drift right? u do, right?

Thanks for stopping by though.

Gaurav said...

Lol i actually have to agree i came here searching and reading some GTD blogs and man i have to admit most idiots have no clue what they are writing!

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