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mGinger Mobile Ad Network Review

MGinger Social Adnetwork

There has been a lot of buzz on the internet specially the social networking sites like Orkut about mGinger, its a mobile ad network that pays you to read ads on your mobile.

The idea is simple like all other multi level marketing schemes, you join and refer your friends, your friends refer their friends and you have a 2 tier network going.

When your friends or their friends reads a ad on their mobile you get a share of the profit.
According to their website the average earning if you just refer 10 friends who refer 10 of their friends will be 1860 which is not bad.

But whether advertisers will buy mGinger is still a question. Everyone knows when people get paid to watch ads thats exactly what they do watch ads to get paid not because they are genuinely interested, expect a lot of fake profiles, fake mobiles, people selecting all categories just to receive ads a lot of fraud.

In my view advertisers will stay away from such schemes unless the profiles can be screened.
basically from a advertisers point of view paying by audience to see my message is a bad idea.

But then you never know lets wait and watch if this ginger spices up my wallet as well.

Visit mGinger Website(aff)

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