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How often have you come across emails and inspirational quotes which say rules to live by or lessons learnt in life?
Somehow all that lecture seems to be bookish and too idealistic for me.
Here is my low down on things i have learned the hard way.

Learn to say No
Yeps thats true half the problems in your life are caused because you dnt know how to say no or maybe not now. People who know how to say no are lot happier!I'm still bad at it but i'm learning fast. I figured when i cnt say no i can always say not now. It works as fine.


Well thats one thing that can save ur butt more often than not, it makes you look good too.


Friends are very important for me at times more important than family. But there will be very few you can bank your life on. Luckily i always had a few. Call everyone your friend but the precious few should be given the importance and attention they deserve. Others will be with you as long as they are having fun with you.


That's the only thing in life that is final. Everything else can either be reveresed or not as important anyways. Pople have gone through worse experiences than me but with what i have seen death is one thing that can leave you helpless. I had a pet named beauty, cause i literaly raised ger along with my sis since she was 20 days old we were attached a lot with her. In her final days she had kidney failure, being the hard core optimist that i am i thot maybe i can save her. Read all books learned more than the doctors here but one day my dad made me realise i can only delay cause her more pain but its inevitable. Accept it. No choice.Watch them go.

Gods greatest gift to mankind
Its a S word. Any guesses? No sickos it's your sense of humour. Use it then abuse it then be a joker and play around or crack a joke on a funeral.
Humour is the one thing that makes the world a really happy place. Quite literally!
P.S Sense of humour in gals really sucks so if you come across anyone with a rocking sense of humour u knw who to introduce her right?;)

If it was possible i wld prefer living in a jungle like mowgli playing with wolves n stuff but since we dnt have a choice follow a few rules.

Be polite to all initially, test them and find out whts their true worth and decide wt level of interaction you want to have with them.
So some for me are purely casual friends even if they want to be closer friends i dnt care. some are purely acquaitances for business.

Its important to test them and decide whats gonna be their part in your life!

Stay away from pretenders and fakersPeople wear masks. They pretend to be what they are not. Eyes tell a lot. Learn to read them.

Motive in life
Have you been confused abt whats the motive of your life?
In my view its finding the best talent you have that you enjoy using and surprising people with.Its not important what field it might be. Sachin had a great temperament and gift of timing. If not cricket he cld do well in any game in which timing and pressure handling are essential.
So more than the field of operation using the talent that is unique to you is what is more important.

Fear of failure and ridicule
If you can get rid of the thought that says what if i fail?
And what will people think of me?
You have literally taken yourself miles ahead of your competition in just a moment. Think about it!

Make a list of things that scare you go face them one by one. Bungee jumping is next in my list.

Greatest art

Communication. Easier said than done but its important to accomplish any task that involves people.

Attitude maketh a man

Need to explain this one.?

Keep on learning

Never stop learning and learn anything good you see in anyone. Even your worst foe. Keep improving your self. Keep getting better. You are never too good you knw.

Be down to earth

No point in being the best out there when your nature sucks in the first place.

Don't follow trends
The problem with following trends is that everyone else is following them too. In the end we all look same dnt we?
I went to club 7 sometime back and its amazing how all of them at discs look and dress up same.
All girls wear a sleeveless dark blue or black top and three fourth denims with straightened hair and all guys wear loose fit blue jeans and half sleeve shirts and have spike cut.
Its better to stand out then gel in! Cant blv people do stuff because everyone else is doing them. Royal Crap.

Don't be someone else
Be urself dnt try to be someone else! I know people who put this fake picture of being confident and cool but something about them is so damn hollow.

Never do things that are not you. Smoking was never me i never liked it i never smoked a ciggy ever. rap music isnt me so i dnt care if everyone finds it cool i wldnt listen to it.
Do things that define you. dnt get defined by things that other people find cool.

Savior in bad times

It happens in life whn dude almighty takes all your powers to think. It happens to everyone once examples amitabh, ganguly. Just write it down a paper like a will who will take decisions for you when you cnt and thn pray tht person doesnt screw you up. My sis is my appointed savior in bad times.

Keep your cool

The ability to keep your cool in pressure situations or when people expect or incite you to react can make a lot of difference. keep your cool in every situation. It can be your greatest strength. Never loose your temper!Never get stirred!

Don't take things too personally Forgive, Forget Move on

There are frustated jerks out there. I have seen some people get hurt by what people say to them. Man you cnt survive being that soft hearted.
There are people who would say things just to put you down. Never take things people say too personally. Its gona waste your time. Forgive and forget.

Don't take life to seriously
Watch instant khichdi and great indian comedy show. Then take a dose of garfield.

Use the middle finger wisely
Learn frm greg chappel! Not everyone that demands explaination needs to be given one. Not everyone that argues with you needs to be argued with. Not everyone who throws shit at you needs to be tolerated.
Use the mighty middle finger wisely. It tells the useless ones they are not important and ignored.
Its saves a lot of valuable time and energy and shows them their rightful place too.

Snooze and loose rule
when you get a chance jump on it put a saddle on it put your stamp on it and ride it.

Play around cause its a short life folksies!
Enjoy evry second of your existence! Play around every moment. As long as you are not hurting anyone and doing something you will have to hide later everything is cool.


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HerHighness said...

Thats a very mature article. G8 to c you have figured it all!!!
Hey send me a copy of the article. I want a copy not a link to it. ;)

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